IFM Innovators

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For the last few  weeks, we’ve been working together towards the improvement of your knowledge and capabilities in FM and maintenance management. You are now officially a maintenance and FM Innovator! 

We hope these modules on Innovation, Productivity, Control & Communication Management and the State of the Art have contributed to question some current practices, and to plant a willingness to improve your business operations. Like we said: the future of the sector is built by the ones that are at the wheel, today.  

The next few years will certainly  bring new challenges but, as we’ve also seen, a lot of opportunities too. Now that you’ve made it to the end of the Innovators Programme, you can access, below, all 4 modules and  resort to them everytime you want. 

Also, don’t forget to reclaim your certificate of completion! And let’s keep shaping the future of the industry, together. 

Your Innovators Programme Certification

You’re ready to thrive in the age of Maintenance 5.0. Thank you for embarking on this journey of growth and self-improvement with us!


Module I — Innovation

About this module

Understanding the current paradigm shift and setting the foundations for present-focused and future-ready operations.
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Module II — Productivity

About this module

Learning how to make the most out of your resources and making your whole operation more efficient.
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Module III — Control & Communication Management

About this module

Productivity is an ever-growing concern in FM maintenance, since we all want to ensure an efficient and effective use of resources.
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Module IV — State of the Art

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Staying on top of the current trends, challenges and opportunities for the years to come.
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Module V — Now, our part

About this module

How Infraspeak is helping businesses streamline their operations
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