IFM Innovators

Module I — Innovation

Our industry is rapidly evolving, with several transformative trends shaping it as we speak. We’re in the advent of Maintenance 5.0, fueled by advanced data analytics and predictive capabilities; on the other hand, 5G technology presents an enormous potential,with its lightning-fast speed and low latency enhancing efficiency and response times.

Sustainable smart technology is gaining momentum, with facilities embracing eco-friendly practices and renewable energy sources. Intelligent maintenance management platforms are also on the rise, integrating data from various sources and providing a much needed holistic view of a facility’s health. 

With many FM operations still trying to figure out how to adapt this new technology to their working models (very often with ageing IT infrastructure), it  can be overwhelming to stay on top of everything.

The first module of Innovators Programme explores the unprecedented opportunities for Innovation in FM and Maintenance, preparing you to stay ahead of the competition. 


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