IFM Innovators

Module IV — State of the Art

The FM and maintenance sector is witnessing a profound transformation. Remote technologies are revolutionising the field, enabling managers to monitor and control facility operations from anywhere.

Automation (17%) and AI (15%) were pointed out by our survey participants as some of the most important trends in the future of the industry. They have already become part of routine tasks, reducing manual interventions and optimising resource allocation.

Maintenance 5.0, on the other hand, is ushering in a new era of “predictive and prescriptive maintenance” (referred to in 19% of the gathered survey answers). Sustainability and energy efficiency are more and more pertinent, which can be hard to balance due to the current budget constraints.

These advancements, as we see, are not without challenges, starting with the shortage of skilled labour. In the last module of Innovators Programme, we will dive deeper into the state of the art in FM and maintenance, whilst rethinking (and preparing) a future that is already here. 


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