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IFM Summit Global: Join the IFM Tour from wherever you are

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Intelligence for Maintenance Tour 2023: Here we go again!

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IFMSummitGlobal x Infraspeak Network 2023

IFM Summit Lisbon

February 28, 2023

IFM Summit London

March 23, 2023

IFM Summit Madrid

April 20, 2023

IFM Summit São Paulo

May 03, 2023

The only FM & Maintenance Podcast you need

IFM Talks gives an inside look at the realities of being a Maintenance and Facilities Management professional, with innovative minds sharing their views, disruptive ideas and practical experiences.

IFM Innovators Programme

The IFM Innovators Programme is especially designed for Maintenance and FM professionals looking to stay on top of the latest trends, challenges and tech in the industry, and to gain a competitive edge for the coming years by embracing the paradigm shift brought about by Maintenance 5.0 .

What will you learn?

By the end of this course, you should have a firm grasp of:


Esse conteudo é exclusivo para membros.

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Jose Manuel

Maintenance Coordinator at Mercavalència

Manuel Vinaroz

Maintenance Manager at ALE-HOP

Hugo Rodrigues

Facility Manager at Siemens

Elies Gosalbez

Operation Engineer & SRO at Nuclear Power Plan

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Esse conteudo é exclusivo para membros.